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At Koza Consulting Group, we recognize the challenges that come with managing a business, particularly the complexities of staying in step with the constantly evolving landscape of employment laws. Rest assured, we're here to provide support, allowing you to maintain your focus on business growth


Our Mission at Koza Consulting Group

At Koza Consulting Group, our mission is to empower organizations through strategic and innovative human resources, recruitment and payroll solutions. We are dedicated to delivering customized, results-driven HR and payroll consulting services that foster a culture of growth, inclusivity, and exceptional employee experiences.

Our passion for people and commitment to excellence guide us in helping our clients optimize their workforce, navigate complex HR challenges, and achieve their business objectives. We strive to be the trusted partner that enables businesses to thrive through effective and ethical HR practices, contributing to the success and well-being of both employers and employees alike.

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Payroll Consulting

We are professionals who specialize in providing expert guidance and assistance to businesses in managing their payroll processes


HR Consulting

Let us help your business stay compliant with current employment laws

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Recruitment Services

Recruitment services help companies find and hire qualified candidates for job openings.

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San Diego, CA, USA

(619) 279-7866

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