Your employees are your most valuable asset-they provide outstanding service and drive your organization's productivity. Thus, it's only proper that you be strategic when selecting, training, developing, promoting and moving them through your firm.  We can provide to small-mid size businesses with basics like creating HR policies, providing HR forms, and helping you set up legally-compliant processes for hiring, paying, and managing employees.


 Koza Consulting Group comes in-helping you recruit the right people and align their benefits with your overall business strategy in a way that complies with State and Federal legislation.

At KCG, our scope of services includes:

  • Recruitment and Selection

  • On-boarding documentation

  • Creating / Updating of job descriptions

  • Training & Development on HR best practices, safety and labor law

  • Performance management system

  • Help you choose the best HR, Payroll or timekeeping systems

  • Benefits implementation & administration

  • Wage & Hour

  • Meals and breaks

  • Terminations & Layoffs

  • Garnishments Administration

  • Employee Handbooks creation and/or update

  • Family and Medical leave administration

  • Create/Update your current PDL, FMLA, CFRA documents

  • COBRA documentation

  • 401(K) Implementation & administration

  • Full Scope Audits

  • Training and Leadership

  •  Incentive Programs

  • Workforce Planning

We will create these easy to implement processes and be there to answer any questions to help you succeed.

Avoid law suits by complying with Federal and State Laws, let us help you while you can focus on growing your business!

Meals and Breaks in California

Do you know how many breaks you need to provide your employee in an 8 -hour shift?  How about 10 hour shift?

A Company's obligation is to release its employee of all duty, with the employee thereafter allowed to use the meal period for whatever purpose he or she desires. The 30 minute lunch break itself does not count as part of the hours worked (meaning its unpaid)


If you need more information/help on this topic, contact us today!

Wage And Hour

Almost everyone works and for those who do, there are laws that protect them.  As an employer, it is your responsibility to know and apply the Federal Labor Standard Act (FLSA) law. 


This is from classifying your employee as exempt or non-exempt, minimum wage, overtime pay, record keeping and the list goes on.

Let Koza Consulting Group help you get compliant and get you up to date with all State and Federal laws.

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