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With more than 25 years of experience, our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) can help you from setting up your entire server system to bring your email back on track.

Koza Consulting Group's IT consulting solutions and real value to your organization by providing strategy, architecture and integration solutions to help you plan and build your IT & business solutions. Calling in our proficient IT advisory team to work on critical IT projects can be the most time-cost-efficient way of implementing an important IT project that drives your key business processes and functions, guaranteed. Put simply, Koza Consulting Group specializes in exceptional IT solutions that boost efficiency and minimize costs. Those services include:


  • Helping clients design and acquire technology that enhances operational performance

  • Assisting clients realize improvements and cyber security mechanism to guarantee confidentiality, availability and integrity of data

  • Developing & implementing information governance services that mitigate corporate risks and reduce costs.

  • Facilitating customer learning so they can address similar issues in the future

  • Remote support/critical servers

  • Project Management

  • Storage, back-up and System Recovery

  • Technical Support Services

  • Server Consolidation

  •  Cloud Architecture

IT Services

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services. Call us now to find out!

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